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Coaxial Adaptors Put Down PIM

A new line of low-PIM coaxial adaptors from San-Tron is able to drop PIM to levels of -170 dBc and less.

Passive intermodulation (PIM) can wreak havoc on communications systems, especially those trying to transfer large amounts of data or digitally modulated signals. For that reason, San-tron has developed a full line of low-PIM coaxial adaptors within their SRX™ product line. These high-performance adaptors manage to drop PIM to levels of -170 dBc and less. They are available for 7/16 and Type N within-series applications and 7/16 between-series (such as to Type N and SMA connectors) applications, complementing the company’s low-distortion cable assemblies. According to San-tron Director of Engineering, Fred Hull: “Paying close attention to material selection and manufacturing practices has paid big dividends in the performance and reliability of this impressive line of low-PIM adapters. Without a doubt, this new line has pushed the boundaries of adapter performance, particularly with smaller interfaces.”

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