Cables Minimize Phase Distortion

For those applications that absolutely cannot tolerate phase distortion, Times Microwave Systems will be showing examples of its Phase Critical cable assemblies, with an expanded range of PhaseTrack® cable assemblies based on the firm's high-performance microwave cables. The PhaseTrack-210 series of assemblies operate from DC to 30 GHz with velocity of propagation of 83% with typical VSWR of 1.35:1 across the frequency range and better than 100 dB shielding effectiveness (SE). The insertion loss is a mere 0.43 dB per foot of cable at 18 GHz. The PhaseTrack product line includes flexible and semirigid cable versions.

At the 2012 IMS booth No. 514, the company will also be displaying samples of its SilverLine™ test cable assemblies, built from solid PTFE dielectric, solid silver-plated, copper-clad-steel inner conductor, and clear FEP jacket. The assemblies include coaxial connectors with captive contacts and passivated stainless-steel finish. They achieve better than 100 dB SE and better than 70% velocity of propagation, with phase stability within &plus/mn;1 deg. from DC to 10 GHz and within &plus/mn;2 deg. from 10 to 18 GHz. The SilverLine cables offer low VSWR through 26.5 GHz.

Visitors to the company's booth should also ask about the new T-LNC™ low-noise cables for vibration monitoring and wear detection applications. These cables are available as 50- and 75-Ω versions, using a combination of optimized semi-conducting and insulating dielectric layers and metallic braid shielding to help dissipate static electric charge and reduce mechanically-generated electrical noise. The cables are suitable for use in accelerometers, strain gages, transducers and any system in a high-vibration environment.

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