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Bandpass Filter Screens 915 MHz

Bandpass Filter Screens 915 MHz

This rugged filter provides low loss for passband signals from 902 to 928 MHz.

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Model AB915B475 is a cavity bandpass filter with a center frequency of 915 MHz and passband of 902 to 928 MHz. It exhibits passband insertion loss of only 1.5 dB, with passband ripple of less than ±0.2 dB. The filter achieves out-of-band signal rejection of more than 45 dB across the lower rejection band from 850 to 894 MHz, as well as across the upper rejection band from 936 to 950 MHz. The return loss is better than 20 dB across the passband. The bandpass filter measures 60 x 120 x 48 mm and is supplied with female Type-N connectors.

Anatech Electronics Inc., 70 Outwater Lane, P.O. Box 2217, Garfield, NJ 07026; (973) 772-4242, FAX: (973) 772-4646.

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