Richardson Rolls Out Freescale LDMOS Parts

Richardson RFPD has announced the availability and support for a pair of new laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) power transistors from Freescale Semicoductor. Models AFT05MS031N and AFT09MS031N are usable at frequencies as high as 941 MHz, producing as much as 31 W output power. They are suitable for a variety of voice, video, and data wireless transmissions, including in Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular networks.

Model AFT05MS031N provides the rated 31-W output power from 136 to 520 MHz when driven with only 0.5-W input power. Model AFT09MS031N delivers 31-W output power from 764 to 941 MHz when driven with only 0.6-W input power. Both devices can handle operation into a load mismatch as severe as a 65.0:1 VSWR. Both transistors achieve better than 70% efficiency. The rugged 12-V transistors are in stock and available now.

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