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Isolators/Circulators Extend to 120 GHz

Isolators/Circulators Extend to 120 GHz

The HMI AND HMC Series broadband ferrite-junction waveguide isolators and circulators are available for frequencies from 18 to 120 GHz. These low-loss components feature 20-dB isolation in standard 2-GHz configurations, with wider bandwidths and higher isolation also available. The isolators are typically used to buffer the outputs of amplifiers and oscillators while the circulators serve as signal duplexers on transceivers with a single antenna. An example of an isolator is Model HMI28, built with WR-28 waveguide. With a frequency range of 26.5 to 40.0 GHz, it handles 1-W power with 0.4-dB insertion loss and 20-dB isolation. An example of a circulator, at slightly higher frequency, Model HMC19 employs WR-19 waveguide for frequency coverage from 40 to 60 GHz. Over that range, it boasts 20-dB isolation with only 0.5-dB insertion loss and power-handling capability of 1 W.

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