Devices Identify Wireless Frequencies

A pair of measurement tools from Kaltman Creations LLC have been developed for technicians working with wireless products. The RF-id SOLO and RF-id STATION testers are being sold under the Invisible Waves™ product tag for use by technicians, contractors, and repair shops. Both systems operate from 50 MHz through 2.5 GHz.

For example, the RF-id STATION, which is supplied in a plastic carrying case, is suitable for identifying the frequencies of devices such as wireless microphones, to avoid interference and channel conflicts. The RF-id STATION consists of a rugged plastic carrying case with eight designated foam-formed slots for wireless microphones or wireless belt pack transmitters. Each slot has a backlit, near-field frequency counter readout providing the exact frequency of the transmitter and a barograph signal level display. As many as eight transmitters can be staged at one time.

The RF-id SOLO tool can measure frequencies and transmission signal strength. It works with analog and digital transmissions and can be used with cell phones, two-way radios, and other wireless devices, as long as the device to be measured does not use spread-spectrum or frequency-hopping techniques. “The RF-id Solo, with the ability to walk right up to a concealed/worn belt pack transmitter or wireless microphone and instantly confirm that the device is transmitting along with an exact frequency reading, is very powerful,” attests Mark Kaltman, President of Kaltman Creations LLC. The company is the exclusive North American distributor for German test-equipment manufacturer Aaronia AG.

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