Tablet Wireless Charger Enables Free Positioning

Tablet Wireless Charger Enables Free Positioning

Wireless charging has a multitude of benefits that include convenience, ease of use, and eliminating the wear and tear of traditional connectors. For use with Apple’s iPad 4, Air, or Mini, Smart Qi Power has introduced the 3 DOM iTablet, a wireless charger kit. The system adds wireless charging capabilities to the devices without adding any extra weight or the use of a special sleeve.

The 3 DOM iTablet uses two components: the 3 DOM Power sticker and the Triangle charging stand with three coils. Both have matching 1 Amp charging rates, necessary for keeping up with larger batteries. The Power sticker plugs into the lightning connector and attaches to the back of the iPad. The Triangle charging stand’s three coils, as opposed to the one typically used for charging pads, allowing  iTablet-enabled devices to charge in both portrait and landscape positions—eliminating the need to find the dreaded charging “sweet spot.”

Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi uses magnetic resonance to charge a variety of devices. It is currently included in a variety of vehicles as the automotive wireless charging standard and in everything from basic nightstand chargers to Qi-enabled tabletops.

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