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Receiver and Transmitter ICs Simplify System Design

Analog Devices' model HMC8100LP6JEImage courtesy of Analog Devices

A pair of receiver/transmitter (Rx/Tx) converters announced by Analog Devices at EDI CON 2016 also support the growing demand for broadband frequency coverage. The intermediate-frequency (IF) Rx and Tx chips integrate a large number of component functions in integrated-circuit (IC) form, allowing system designers to dramatically shrink the size and weight of their communications systems. Ideal for microwave backhaul communications applications, these Rx/Tx converters help improve system reliability while reducing design costs.

Model HMC8100LP6JE is a receiver IC that translates a received RF/microwave frequency range of 800 to 4,000 MHz to an IF of 80 to 200 MHz for digital conversion and processing. It offers an 80-dB receive power control range and SPI control interface. It is supplied in a 40-lead, 6 × 6 mm LFCSP housing and supports complex modulation formats, such as 1024-state quadrature amplitude modulation (1024QAM).

Model HMC8200LP5ME is an transmitter IC with IF range of 200 to 700 MHz and transmit RF/microwave frequency range of 800 to 4,000 MHz. It has a 25-dB transmit power control range and is also operated by an SPI control connection. It is supplied in a 32-lead, 5 × 5 mm LFCSP package. The receiver and transmitter ICs replace a number of discrete components in various communications applications, including wireless backhaul, satellite communications (satcom), and point-to-point communications systems.

For more details about the miniature receiver and transmitter ICs, visit Analog Devices at booth 409.

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