Finding A Filter Is Made Easier

Finding A Filter Is Made Easier

This product guide provides guidance on selecting filters, multiplexers, and filter banks for a wide range of RF/microwave applications.

A new Product Specification Guide from Lark Engineering makes it easier to find an RF/microwave filter to match a specific application. The guide, which is available in electronic (PDF file) or print form, covers a wide range of the firm’s filter products, including its digital control filters, switch filter banks, and multiplexers. This 12-page, short-form catalog includes a quick reference to key filter specifications and capabilities to simplify the filter specification process.

In addition to this filter guide, the company’s website also offers PDF file documents explaining key filter performance characteristics, such as bandwidth versus loss, bandwidth versus VSWR, and bandwidth versus phase. For a copy of the Product Specification Guide or these other documents, click here.

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