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Mixing With Mini-Circuits

We at Mini-Circuits appreciate the editorial coverage given to our new MAC series of hermetically sealed mixers in the January issue of Microwaves & RF. Unfortunately, although it has been customary to see the name of the company along with any products that appear on the front cover, the familiar Mini-Circuits logo was omitted from the front cover of your January issue, as well as in Fig. 1 of the Cover Feature article beginning on p. 92 ("Hermetic Mixers Break Cost/Performance Barrier").

I am hoping that you can print this letter to help readers recognize that these innovative MAC mixerswhich are based on reliable low-temperature-cofired-ceramic (LTCC) circuit technology and supplied in compact ceramic housings measuring just 0.30 x 0.25 x 0.060 in.were developed and are available from Mini-Circuits based on the industry's need for a lower-costing, truly hermetic microwave mixer.

As the Cover Feature reported, MAC series mixers are currently available for RF and local-oscillator (LO) frequencies to 12 GHz and a variety of different LO power levels. They are priced as low as $5.95 each in quantities of 10, with models eventually operating as high as 18 GHz.

I am hoping that you can make it clear through this letter that these mixers are only available from Mini-Circuits.

("Cheran") Alvapillai
Advertising Manager
Brooklyn, NY

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