Latest Maverick Ready For Testing

Raytheon Company has declared the AGM-65E2/L, the newest variant of the laser-guided Maverick missile (see figure), on schedule to enter developmental and operational testing. The direct-attack, air-to-ground weapon is used extensively by the United States Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps for precision strikes. This latest version of the Maverick features new software and an enhanced laser seeker to enable aircraft to use onboard lasers to designate targets and reduce collateral damage.

According to Darryl Kreitman, Director of Raytheon's Maverick program, "Raytheon, the US Air Force, and the US Navy just finished a critical design review, and the team is now in the process of building hardware needed to begin rigorous design verification and qualification testing of key subsystems. Raytheon is working with key suppliers to ensure production begins as soon as the operational testing phase of the program concludes." Col. Perry Oaks, Commander of the US Air Force's 784th Combat Sustainment Group, adds: "In my opinion, the laser-guided Maverick is an ideal weapon for urban combat and high-speed maneuvering targets. Maverick is widely integrated and combat proven and offers our nation's allies a best-value precision solution." Suppliers to the Maverick program include Alliant Tech Systems, BAE Systems, Eagle Picher, Kaman Aerospace, Primus Tec

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