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Book Review: Radar Signals

Authors: Nadav Levanon and Eli Mozeson

This simply titled text can serve as a general reference as well as a textbook for an advanced radar course. Devoted to the design and analysis of radar signals, it features tables of preferred signals and MATLAB codes (based on the popular mathematical software from The MathWorks) for generating coded signals and for calculating and plotting ambiguity functions and other signal features. The book has chapters on matched filters, a review of the ambiguity function (with an appendix showing MATLAB code), constant-frequency pulsed signals, Costas frequency coding, phase-coded pulsed signals, Barker codes, chirp like phase codes, Golomb's codes, Huffman codes, filters matched to high-level Doppler shifts, diverse pulse-repetition-interval (PRI) pulse trains, coherent trains of divergent pulses, continuous-wave (CW) signals, and multicarrier phase-coded signals. In short, the book provides an excellent 400-page overview of radar signals (rather than radar systems technology) and how to generate, simulate, and analyze such signals.

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