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Microwaves & RF September

Check out these articles from the September digital issue of Microwaves & RF.

The Microwaves & RF digital and print editions provide a select subset of the articles on our website. The digital edition is a PDF copy of the print edition.

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Microwaves & RF September Articles

The digital edition includes all of the articles, but we have links to the best ones here, just in case you missed some in our newsletters.

How Well Do You Know James Clerk Maxwell?

There’s no questioning the importance of Maxwell’s equations. But do most engineers still remember them?

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Phase-Noise Test System Reaches the Limits of Physics

It’s possible to make measurements all the way down to the thermal phase-noise floor with this novel test system.

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RFoF Signals: Unlimited Capabilities for the Connected Battlefield

Transmitting RF over fiber allows for greater bandwidth and speed for mission-critical data processing.

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X-band Push-Push Oscillator Simulation and Measurement (Part 2)

Wrapping up this two-part series, we break down the steps involved in simulating and measuring push-push oscillators in terms of output power and voltage tuning.

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How to Improve Noise-Figure Measurements and Calibrate High-Power Noise Sources

This new technique uses multiple sources to measure any noise source with the accuracy of a calibrated noise-source reference and eliminates the corruption of noise-figure calculations.

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Foundry Aims to Serve All Corners

In this Q&A, Amol Kalburge, senior director of RF and high-performance analog marketing and strategic accounts at TowerJazz, discusses the technologies and different markets that define his company.

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Workflow Carves a Path to Effective Filter Design

A simulation-based filter design example demonstrates a semi-automated workflow that can help designers achieve first-pass success.

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