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Microwaves & RF November

Check out these articles from the November digital issue of Microwaves & RF.

The Microwaves & RF digital and print editions provide a select subset of the articles on our website. The digital edition is a PDF copy of the print edition.

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Microwaves & RF November Articles

The digital edition includes all of the articles, but we have links to the best ones here, just in case you missed some in our newsletters.


Looking Way Ahead to 6G

While 5G represents the next generation of wireless communications, a new sub-terahertz testbed is already setting the stage for 6G research.

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6 Keys to Success for Cellular IoT

What should engineers consider when designing with LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT? This article presents a checklist to help guide the process.

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Analysis of a 24- to 36-GHz Phased Array for 5G Applications (Part 1)

This series examines 5G phased-array platform/wizard development and offers some recommendations to obtain consistent results. Part 1 focuses on the design and evaluation of the broadband stacked U-slot patch radiator optimized for 24 to 30 GHz.

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Addressing Size and Tolerance Challenges in mmWave Filters

Millimeter-wave filter technology is a vital building block for implementing mainstream 5G wireless communications, but obstacles exist in terms of physical size, manufacturing tolerances, and temperature stability.

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The Time is Right for Programmable MEMS Timing

MEMS oscillators offer programmable features that open the door to customizable frequencies and other performance-enhancing advantages.

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Advanced Materials Processing is this Firm’s Primary Mission

Greg Sexton, Accumet’s president and CEO, discusses his company’s history, its many capabilities, and some of the challenges he is seeing going forward.

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Put this Spectrum Analyzer on Your Shopping List

Though labeled a spectrum analyzer, this economical test instrument goes beyond spectral analysis by offering measurement capabilities like signal generation.

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