Infineon Cools Down LDMOS Transistors

A line of thermally-enhanced lateral-diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor (LDMOS) RF power transistors from Infineon Technologies (Morgan Hill, CA) exhibits 15 to 30 percent lower thermal resistance from the device junction to the case compared to conventional LDMOS power transistors. Added to Infineon's GOLDMOS product line, the devices are designed to handle higher power levels without degradation in expected operating lifetime. Infineon's engineers have utilized materials and developed processes by which both the transistor die and the flange, the carrier on which the transistor is manufactured, are made substantially more efficient at transferring heat. Transferring heat more efficiently allows the device to operate at cooler temperatures and as is the case in all semiconductors; cooler temperatures mean better performance and reliability. The new LDMOS devices are well suited for applications in broadcast, cellular, DCS, PCS and UMTS systems.

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