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Report Sees Growth Of Dynamic Spectrum Access

Dynamic Spectrum Access is a radio technology that will find increasing use with growing demands on radio spectrum. The novel communications approach is based on efficient sharing of spectrum in a departure from traditional fixed radio allocations. The technology relies heavily on the use of software-defined-radio (SDR) equipment to dynamically adapt to changing spectral use depending upon demand. According to a recent report from ABI Research, "Software Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Access," market growth potential for dynamic spectrum access technology is tremendous through 2014, with healthy opportunities for developers of SDRs and cognitive radios. According to Ian Cox, ABI Research Analyst, "Regulators, over the years, have boxed themselves into a corner by allocating spectrum exclusively for individual applications. This can now begin to change as software radio emerges and spectrum sharing becomes feasible." The study forecasts market potential through 2014, including base transceiver station (BTS) installations and BTS capital expenditures.

ABI Research (

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