OEMs Will Support Bluetooth Low-Energy Products

WELLINGBOROUGH, UKDespite concern about single-mode device development, IMS Research expects that partnerships will be formed between integrated-circuit (IC) vendors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as makers of single-mode and dual-mode Bluetooth low-energy-enabled products. Although uncertain, many people expect that single-mode devices will require a year to gain value as a low-energy standard. The market is currently waiting for a guarantee of future value for several single-mode devices.

Before making a commitment to integrate a large number of dual-mode ICs, IMS points out that dual-mode Bluetooth, low-energy product designers also are surveying the low-energy field. The firm believes that a new ecosystem is being created with the standard. It will take time for manufacturing to adapt to the production of wireless devices. Because this effort is sustained by the Bluetooth SIG, however, IMS has confidence in new companies as well as their ability to bring these products to a global market.

For more information about IMS Research's report, please contact Susan Revin, Press Manager, by e-mail at [email protected].

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