Image courtesy of Fraunhofer Institute
Qualcomm39s booth at the 2016 CES show Image courtesy of Maurizio Pesce and edited from the original by Microwaves and RF
New Company Gives Wi-Fi a Makeover
WiFi repeater mounted on a streetlight providing public internet access WiFi access points are part of heterogeneous networks that incorporate many different access technologies Image courtesy of Silicon Valley Power
HaLow the new version of WiFi is designed to consume significantly lower power and have twice the range as traditional WiFi making suitable for the tiny sensors that will gather data in future smart cities Image courtesy of EFF PhotosFlickr
Recent research suggests that around 104 billion RFID tags will be sold in 2016 spurring a market that is expected to reach nearly 132 billion in 2020 Image courtesy of Thinkstock
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Microwaves & RF’s Products of the Week (12/20-12/26)
Test Equipment Market Capitalizes on LTE Growth
This network analyzer encapsulates several of the features that are migrating from the laboratory and into portable testers including large screens and a raft of configurable options Image courtesy of Anritsu