LTE Developments Accelerate As Joint Ventures Bear Fruit

Geneva, Switzerland and Stockholm, Sweden: Ericsson and ST-Ericsson, the joint venture company formed between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson, recently demonstrated what they claim to be the first complete end-to-end timedivision Long-Term Evolution (TD-LTE) solution (Fig. 1). Crucial to the solution was the successful TDLTE interoperability testing (IOT) between ST-Ericsson's devices and mobile network systems designed by Ericsson. The two versions of LTE broadband technology are based on frequency-division-duplex (FDD) paired-spectrum and time-divisionduplex (TDD) unpaired-spectrum approaches.

Designed for use in unpaired spectrum, TD-LTE is structured for global applications. The firm's TD-LTE system can process very fast mobile broadband applications, such as video-on-demand (VOD) service and video streaming with a live camera. "Drawing on six years of LTE research and development, this product demonstration underlines ST-Ericsson's position as a frontrunner in the rollout of the next generation of mobile broadband platforms," explains Magnus Hansson, Senior Vice President and Head of LTE and 3G Modem Solutions at ST-Ericsson. A pioneer of LTE platform solutions, ST-Ericsson was the first to demonstrate a handheld LTE device and achieve LTE and HSPA mobility with a multimode device.

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