M/A-COM's PAs Boost Point-To-Point Radios

M/A-COM has announced a line of power amplifiers for point-to-point microwave radios operating from 2.5 to 19.7 GHz. Providing output-power levels of 1 to 2 W, the new amplifiers feature third-order intercept points of +38 to +44 dBm with as much as 34-dB gain and gain flatness that is within +/-1 dB across any of the operating bands. Examples of the new line include the model MAAPGM0066-DIE, which is supplied in chip form, and offers 33-dB gain from 2.5 to 5.0 GHz. Model MAAPGM0042-DIE is another chip power amplifier with 20-dB gain from 12 to 16 GHz. The amplifiers, which are available as an option in a 20-lead, 5-mm PQFN package for surface-mount applications, are designed for voltage supplies of 6 to 10 V. For more information on the amplifiers, visit the M/A-COM website at:

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