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Drones and Other Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned vehicles offer new business opportunities by using technologies ranging from Global Positioning System (GPS) location to wireless communications, and enable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) gathering without putting troops in harm’s way. Beyond military uses, unmanned aerial vehicles (commonly nicknamed "drones") could serve a host of purposes, such as providing news coverage from the air, aid in search and rescue missions, or conducting scientific research. Despite the many possibilities, the impending presence of drones in the skies, and what their presence may imply, is causing a lot of controversy and raised concerns about privacy and terrorism threats. Microwaves & RF's Unmanned Vehicles Resource Center provides a frequently updated collection of current content and resources that will help you stay abreast on new technologies and ethical discussions surrounding this important and interesting topic.   Latest Content from Our Network: Drones Stir Controversy AUVSI 2012: Robot Vehicles Invade Las Vegas Curiosity, Drones and AUVSI See Them in Action — Latest Videos: ArticlesResources & Opinions: Within Reach: Drexel Engineers to Add Arms and Hands to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UC Aerial Robot System Can Save Firefighter Lives Silicone-Encased Cable Assemblies Operate in Mission-Critical Military Applications Curiosity rover sports custom springs and couplings Additive manufacturing enables customization, speed and short delivery of UAVs Ethical Robots How Multicore Chip Flies A Quadcopter Could Future Aircraft Fly Without Traditional Control Surfaces Such as Ailerons, Flaps, and Elevators? U.S Halt Shuttle Program Amid a Proliferation of Chinese Manufactured Satellites and Space-Related Weapons