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Global IoT Growing Rapidly in Aerospace and Defense

A research report projects strong growth for IoT devices in global military and aerospace markets in 2017 and through 2022.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is often thought of as an application aimed at increasing the efficiency of warehouses and homes, but the technology is also being put to work in a large number of aerospace and defense applications. According to a recent 133-page study by Visiongain, IoT technology is being used to connect aircraft, machines, systems, and people in aerospace and defense systems for improved performance and lower total operating costs.

The report, titled “IoT in Aerospace & Defense,” projects that $22.6 billion will be spent during 2017 on IoT devices for aerospace and defense applications, with steady growth in IoT defense spending during the period from 2017 through 2022. The IoT devices will be applied towards production processes, operational management, and system control to streamline processes and cut operating costs.

The report contains more than 100 tables and charts. It includes markets broken down by subsets, such as type of component (hardware, software, or service); type of deployment (for on-premises or cloud use); type of connectivity (cellular, terrestrial RF, or satellite); and application (equipment management, security, etc.). The report includes market breakdowns by geographic regions and lists summaries for the 10 leading companies supplying IoT products.

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