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AARTOS Drone Detection System
The AARTOS Drone Detection System, shown here in a Singapore application, is capable of detecting and tracking UAVs and their users.

Drone Detection System Supervises Summit Meeting

The recent summit meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was protected from unwanted drones by a unique UWB drone detection system from German RF/microwave system designer and manufacturer Aaronia AG.

The recent summit meeting of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump was protected from rogue unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by an AARTOS Drone Detection System produced by Aaronia AG (Strickscheid, Germany). The system employs artificial intelligence (AI) and sensitive RF/microwave receivers to detect and track the radio-frequency signals used by drone aircraft for remote control and surveillance. It provides a live situational awareness display, including 3D plots of drone flight patterns.

The AARTOS system (see figure) provides 360-deg. detection coverage with 1-deg. accuracy over a relatively long range of 10 to 15 km. “We’re overjoyed to be part of this historical and unique event to provide protection against drones,” said Aaronia AG, Thorsten Chmielus. “We are pleased that once again the inimitable capabilities of the AARTOS Drone Detection System are gaining in importance internationally.”

The AARTOS system features a model SPECTRAN V5 ultrawideband (UWB) real-time RF/microwave receiver, a patented AARONIA ISOLOG 3D Tracking Array Antenna, and AI-based tracking software. It detects and tracks RF emissions—even frequency-hopping patterns—not only of drones but also of nearby RF sources such as cellular telephones and other wireless devices within its UWB frequency range (as wide as 20 MHz to 20 GHz). It is capable of detecting even drones based on 4G cellular telephone control systems. In addition to detecting the position of a drone by its RF/microwave signals, the user controlling the drone will also be detected by the radio signals of the remote control.

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