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Cables Handle the Stress of Rugged Military Systems

The Spuma RS electrical cables are flexible interconnections designed for military vehicles and naval applications.

HUBER+SUHNER is prepared to unveil its Spuma RS low-loss electrical cabling solutions at the upcoming Eurosatory 2018 event, scheduled for June 11-15 in Paris. The cabling is designed for military vehicular and naval applications. The RF/microwave cables are encased in a TPU jacket material (see figure) that is flame-resistant but still highly flexible, enabling it to deal with the physical stress of mobile defense applications without excessive insertion loss.

The Spuma RS electrical cables are rugged but also provide a great deal of flexibility.

“Designing for lower insertion losses typically provides cable improvements that come at the expense of cable flexibility,” said B.J. Lyman, market unit manager, aerospace and defense. “Spuma RS has been designed specifically to offer industry-leading insertion loss and flexibility in one cabling solution. This is due to the combination of both material selection and patented manufacturing technique known as Rotary Swaging, where the individual stranded center contacts are compressed during production to remove air gaps, providing the unique combination of lower-loss and flexibility.

“As a global interconnect leader with years of experience in the fields of radio frequency, fiber optic, and low frequency, HUBER+SUHNER has a unique capability to develop cost-effective and technically superior products serving defense and aerospace applications,” Lyman added. “This is based upon our ability to converge these technologies to ultimately offer higher-value RF solutions to address the evolving technical requirements of the modern battlefield.”

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