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CST STUDIO SUITE 2010 Now Shipping

Computer-aided-engineering (CAE) software specialist Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announced that it is shipping CST STUDIO SUITE Version 2010. This latest version of the software suite offers many new solver options, features, and functionality based on the firm's experience in electromagnetic (EM) simulation. One of the new features is an asymptotic solver based on the Shooting Bouncing Ray method, an extension to physical optics, and is capable of tackling simulations with an electric size of many thousands of wavelengths such as radar cross section analysis.

According to Dr. Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing for CST, "We are pleased to announce the shipping of CST STUDIO SUITE version 2010 has commenced on schedule. This release is a milestone in the area of electromagnetic simulation. No other software package delivers solutions for this breadth of EM applications. Focus is important and we will continue to put all our resources and energy into this exciting engineering field."

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