GaN Power Amp Boosts 20 To 6000 MHz

Model CMPA0060025F is a broadband gallium nitride (GaN) HEMT MMIC power amplifier from Cree with instantaneous bandwidth of 20 MHz to 6 GHz. It offers 12 dB power gain over that range and can operate with supply voltages to 50 V. The compact amplifier fits within a 0.25-square-inch footprint and, according to Tom Dekker, the firm's Director of Sales and Marketing for RF Products, "The CMPA0060025F is a direct result of customer requests for a small, high-power, high-efficiency amplifier with performance through 6 GHz. It is designed to satisfy these requirements using Cree's proven GaN MMIC foundry process and the convenient package format found in our other GaN MMIC products. We have received excellent customer feedback for our existing GaN MMIC products and are excited to be expanding this product line while continuing to offer custom MMIC foundry services."

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