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WiMAX Article

I was looking over the WiMAX article that you graciously published as the Cover Story in the June issue ("Single Chip Holds WiMAX Transceivers," June 2007, p. 96), and I found one typo and a misplaced figure reference.

The typo occurred on the last page in the middle column, the second line from the bottom—the part number should be MAX2837. Somehow, the numbers got scrambled.

As for the misplaced reference, you have Figure 7 referenced in the third column in a discussion of the power-down mode, but the figure is about phase noise, so the figure reference should be moved to the middle column, sixth line from the bottom, just after the word "carrier."

Dave Bursky

Editor's Note: Dave, thanks for submitting the corrections. We apologize to Maxim and to our readers for the errors.

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