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What A Time To Start A Company!

Any positive economic news is welcome these days, like a seven-course meal to a homeless man. Amidst reports of company downsizings, high unemployment, and disappointing quarterly numbers from Wall Street, credit is due to the folks at RFaxis for the sheer courage to start a company during times like these (see lead news story below). The more conservative among us would find a safe haven for any investment money available, rather than taking the monumental gamble on a new company.

But give credit to Mike Neshat and the rest of his team at RFaxis. They realize that there are always opportunities for good ideas and strong solutions even during the worst of times. And they bring a healthy background of expertise and experience to the start-up company, with rich skills in BiCMOS chip development and higher system-level applications. For the sheer courage of starting a company during such difficult times, we wish them all the luck in the world. But, in reviewing the impressive backgrounds of the founders, they may not need it.

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