Welcoming Our 44th President

This has been a week of remembrance, and of celebration. Remembrance comes for the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King, and how he lived his life in dedication to ensuring that all people would be treated equally. Celebration comes in the inauguration of this country's 44th President, Mr. Barack H. Obama, who steps in after the eight-year run by Mr. George W. Bush. During his brief but effective inauguration speech, the new President acknowledged the path that had been cleared before him by Dr. King so that all people could get a fair chance in life.

Mr. Obama comes to the job with extreme challenges in the form of a struggling economy and high jobless rate. But he also brings a great deal of optimism for the days ahead and the American work ethic, using the phase "we must pick ourselves up, and we must dust ourselves off" to prepare for the work ahead. This willingness to work hard to achieve a goal has been the foundation of this country, and of this microwave industry. This has long been a country, and an industry, willing to put in that extra effort to improve a situation for the whole. That positive attitude, embodied by our new President, and a willingness to work, will help us get through what promises to be a year of challenges.

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