WCAI Applauds Senate's Stimulus Bill

Wireless broadband communications will appear to get a shot in the arm, according to the industry group Wireless Communications Association International (WCAI). The organization's 200 members include carriers, vendors, and system integrators across six continents.

Earlier this week, WCAI President Free Campbell applauded the US Senate version of an economic stimulus bill which is designed to help the struggling US economy and, in particular, to provide funding for wireless broadband deployment in rural areas: "WCAI is pleased that the Senate stimulus bill includes $6.65 billion in grants for broadband deployment. As the only broadband platform that is capable of providing access everywhere, all the time, and at affordable prices, wireless broadband is essential to broadband connectivity, especially in rural areas. Many WCAI members serving rural and underserved areas would be in a position to implement their business plans more quickly and broadly with the support of the government funding. This would create new jobs, strengthen our economy and ensure that America remains competitive globally."

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