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Waveguide Tubing Will Be Displayed At EuMW

Plans are now being finalized for European Microwave Week, which takes place from September 29 to October 1. A.T. Wall Company has announced that it will use the Rome venue to showcase a range of precision-drawn waveguide tubing. Highlighted products will include Invar waveguide, thin-wall aluminum waveguide, and seamless flexible waveguide. Invar waveguide stands out for its low expansion characteristics, which allow minimal expansion in extreme cold and heat. According to the firm, it has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of all metals in the 273 to 177C range. As a result, microwave filters made from Invar can reportedly withstand extreme temperature shifts while maintaining the physical characteristics that control the RF signal. Thin-wall aluminum waveguide and seamless flexible waveguide are applicable to airborne systems and space in all satellite applications. Systems designed with aluminum tubes with a half-inch or less of the standard wall thickness and performance of heavier walled products allow engineers to save thousands of dollars in a launch. Flexible waveguide also can be bent to fit into small spaces. A.T. Wall also will feature sidewall frames for the hybrid microelectronic circuit packages used in defense, commercial electronics, and medical applications. These tubular frames serve as sidewalls for hermetically sealed flat packs that demand restrictive dimensional tolerance and precise metallurgical qualities.

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