Waveguide LNA Cuts Noise In Ka-Band

Model AMFWW-5F-22502357-140-WR34 from MITEQ is the latest addition to the firm's family of waveguide low-noise amplifiers (LNAs). It is supplied with WR34 input and output waveguide ports for use from 22.5 to 23.6 GHz. The LNA provides 45 dB gain that is flat to 1 dB or better across the full frequency range. Measuring only 2 in. long and 0.75. in. wide and high, the waveguide LNA achieves maximum noise temperature of 140 K, but close to only 100 K at 23 GHz. It draws less than 100 mA from a single supply of +8 to +15 VDC. The LNA delivers +13 dBm output power at 1-dB compression and has maximum input/output VSWR of 2.0:1.

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