Waveguide Components Span 5 To 40 GHz

A line of off-the-shelf waveguide-to-coax adapters and terminations has been developed by Z-Communications for applications from 5 to 40 GHz. They are supplied in rectangular waveguide sizes ranging from WR137 to WR28. The adapters are available with either SMA or 2.92-mm female connectors. The waveguide components are supplied in the industry standard square cover flange for all rectangular waveguides except for the WR137, which is available in the standard CPR flange. The VSWRs for the waveguide adapters and terminations are better than 1.20:1 and 1.02:1, respectively. The waveguide terminations provide capable power handling of 0.5 W for WR28 terminations from 26.4 to 40.1 GHz and 2 W for WR137 terminations from 5.38 to 8.17 GHz.

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