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VCXOs Offer Low Jitter

VCXOs Offer Low Jitter

The V8F/V8M family of voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) are available at frequencies suitable for Gigabit Ethernet, backhaul communications, and test and measurement applications (including 122.88 MHz, 153.6 MHz, 155.52 MHz, 245.76 MHz, and 320.00 MHz). Based on LVPECL technology, these VCXOs employ high-quality crystals to generate fundamental tones from 50 to 250 MHz, and analog frequency multiplication to reach higher frequencies through 800 MHz. Through 250 MHz, typical jitter is about 0.4 ps. Through 800 MHz, jitter is controlled to typically 0.6 ps with stability of about 150 ppm. The oscillators are supplied in RoHS-compliant FR4 housings measuring 9 x 14 mm. They operate on supplies of +3.3 VDC over operating temperatures from -40 to +85C.

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