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VCO Teams With Integrated PLL

VCO Teams With Integrated PLL

Model HMC829LP6GE is a wideband fractional-N phase-lock loop (PLL) with integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO). It has a fundamental-frequency range of 2800 to 4200 MHz and, with its integrated VCO output divider, can generate frequencies from 45 to 1050 MHz, 1400 MHz to 2100 MHz, and 2800 MHz to 4200 MHz. Ideal for digital radios, in cable-television (CATV) equipment, in cellular and WiMAX networks, and in phased-array applications, the integrated source also incorporates an integrated phase detector and delta-sigma modulator which are capable of operating to 100 MHz to permit wider loop-bandwidths with excellent spectral performance. The HMC829LO6GE exhibits a single-sideband (SSB) noise floor of -170 dBc/ Hz and spurious performance of better than -100 dBc. It includes RF output power control from 0 to 6 dB in 2-dB steps, an output mute function, and a delta-sigma modulator exact-frequency mode which enables users to produce output frequencies with near 0-Hz frequency error. The source is supplied in a 6 x 6 mm plastic leadless surface-mount package and is designed for an operating temperature range of -40 to +85C.

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