Variable Attenuator Pads 0.1 To 40 GHz

Model DTA-100M40G-30-CD-1 is a variable attenuator from Planar Monolithics Industries that provides controllable attenuation to 30 dB from 100 MHz to 40 GHz. The minimum attenuation step is 1 dB with maximum switching time of 1 microsecond to achieve a new attenuation value. The variable attenuator exhibits insertion loss of typically 5 dB (above the attenuation setting) to 20 GHz and typically 8 dB to 40 GHz. The VSWR is 2.50:1. The attenuator is controlled by means of a 5-b TTL signal. It operates from a +/- 15 VDC supply. The variable attenuator is supplied with 2.92-mm female RF connectors and 15-pin D-sub control connector. It measures 2.00 x 1.81 x 0.88 in.

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