USB Sensor Reads Power To 6 GHz

Model PWR-6GHS+ from Mini-Circuits is a USB Smart Power Sensor that connects to a personal computer by means of a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, using the computer's processing power to perform power measurements from 1 to 6000 MHz. The power sensor, which replaces more expensive power meter/sensor combinations, features a 50-dB measurement range, from -30 to +20 dBm, and typical measurement uncertainty of 0.15 dB from -30 to +12 dBm over the full frequency range when measuring CW signals. The power sensor doesn't require a reference signal for calibration and is temperature compensated for enhanced accuracy. The 50-Ohm measurement tool exhibits typical VSWR of 1.10:1 and typical measurement speed of 30 ms. The RoHS-compliant sensor is supplied with Windows/Linux-compatible measurement and data-analysis software and a Type-N-to-SMA-male adapter.

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