Triplexer Filter Joins Three WLAN Bands

Model TR-A01 is a triplexer filter from R&D Microwaves LLC designed to combine signals from wireless local area networks (WLANs) using a common antenna. It is also suitable for distributed cellular antenna networks for indoor applications. The triplexer filter covers DC to 2170 MHz, 2400 to 2500 MHz, and 5000 to 6000 MHz with maximum passband insertion losses of 1.2 dB, 1.5 dB, and 0.7 dB, respectively, in the three frequency ranges. The group delay through the three bands is less than 6.0 ns, 5.0 ns, and 1.2 ns, respectively, while the input/output VSWR is better than 1.50:1 for all three bands. The triplexer can handle a maximum power level of 50 W continuous on each channel or 50 W continuous total on all three channels. The 50-Ohm, RoHS-compliant triplexer antenna measures 8.721 x 4.984 x 1.000 in.

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