Tek's Protocol Tester Selected By WiMAX Forum

Tektronix Communications announced that the industry group WiMAX Forum has selected the G35-WiMAX protocol test solution to verify the interoperability of WiMAX network nodes in Mobile WiMAX Forum Certified Test Laboratories around the world. The G35-WiMAX protocol test solution will serve as a reference system to analyze different WiMAX devices in test scenarios specified by the WiMAX Forum for interoperability.

As Ed Agis, Chairman of the Certification Working Group for the WiMAX Forum, explains, "Tektronix Communications' G35 solution provides an ideal platform for the WiMAX Forum to ensure interoperability of WiMAX network elements from different vendors. Increasingly, service providers are creating end-to-end networking solutions spanning multiple platforms for fixed, nomadic, portable and Mobile WiMAX systems, and the G35 provides a dependable solution that helps ensure compliance within the network." The G35 is a protocol test platform for functional testing of mobile WiMAX radio access products based on the IEEE 802.16e standard, with additional capabilities for handling a wide range of interfaces and decoding schemes.

Tektronix Communications WiMAX Forum

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