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Switch Controls 2 To 18 GHz

Model SP133DHS is a single-pole, three-throw (SP3T) reflective switch from Narda Microwave-East with fast switching speed and low loss from 2 to 18 GHz. It features as much as 65 dB isolation with switching speed of 15 ns. The insertion loss is 2.6 dB from 2 to 12 GHz and 2.9 dB from 12 to 18 GHz. The maximum VSWR is 2.0:1. The rugged switch can handle as much as 200 mW RF power and can survive input power levels to 1 W CW and 20 W peak power with a 1-microsecond pulse at 5-percent duty cycle. The switch operates from +5 VDC at 110 mA and -12 VDC at 70 mA and measures 1 x 1.2 x 0.3 in. without connectors. It is reverse-voltage protected and includes TTL drivers and a BCD decoder driver. The switch meets MIL-STD-202F for humidity, shock, vibration, and thermal shock, and is ideal for electronic-warfare (EW) simulators and in test systems.

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