Survey Omission

I picked up my March edition of Microwaves & RF with much anticipation, and put it down shortly thereafter with much dismay at our omission (from the frequency-synthesizer survey, "Frequency Synthesizers Fit Many Formats," p. 33). On page 43, there is an advertisement from the company that I am willing to wager has delivered more frequency synthesizers than any of those surveyed in your article— 40,000 plus over 30 years and still counting!

Your readers deserve to know that there is a manufacturer who didn't get into this field last year, who doesn't charge $75K per unit, and who doesn't think that "5000 units" is any industryleading installed base, as the "perhaps best-known name in frequency synthesizers" claims in ads.

By the way, I'm still rooting for the inclusion of prices as an essential part of specifications.

Michael G. Lohrer
President Programmed Test Sources

Editor's Note: Thanks for writing, Michael. We apologize to Programmed Test Sources and to our readers for the omission from our survey. Please see p. 156 of this issue for an article on Programmed Test Sources' frequency synthesizers.

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