Source Runs At Ku-Band

The THOR-16000 Ku-band frequency synthesizer from EM Research operates over a greater than 5-percent bandwidth at 15.5 GHz. Supplied in a high-reliability package measuring just 2.5 x 1.1 x 0.4 in., it is suitable for on-off-keying (OOK), amplitude-shift-keying (ASK), and pulse-position-modulation (PPM) systems. It features switching capability with greater than 30-dB isolation and better than 50-ns transition time. It delivers +7 dBm output power with -20 dBc harmonics and -60 dBc spurious content/. The phase noise is -75 dBc/Hz offset 10 kHz from the carrier and -105 dBc/Hz offset 100 kHz from the carrier. The synthesizer draws less than 200 mA from a +5-VDC supply.

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