Software Upgrade Adds Antennas

The second major version of the Antenna Magus antenna software has been announced by Computer Simulation Technology (CST) AG and MAGUS (Pty) Ltd. This major release nearly doubles the number of antenna topologies for simulation compared to the initial version of the program. It now offers 113 popular antennas for a wide variety of objective values. Additions include bi-quad, axial choke horn, traveling-wave waveguide slot array, patch arrays, and Vivaldi antennas. The software also features a new antenna-array synthesis tool, which designs spacings and excitation tapers for a variety of different array topologies based on performance requirements like gain, beamwidth, or squint angle. The designed parameters can be readily imported into the CST MICROWAVE STUDIO design suite from CST or the FEKO electromagnetic (EM) simulator from MAGUS (Pty) Ltd.

According to Sam Clarke, Managing Director for MAGUS (Pty) Ltd., "The response of the market to Antenna Magus Version 1.0 has been very positive. We have received a lot of valuable feedback from customers that has been used in developing the antennas and improvements implemented in Antenna Magus Version 2.0. We are confident that version 2 will add as much value to the end-user as the introduction of this tool did in version 1.0." Antenna Magus Version 2.0 is immediately available and can be purchased through any CST or FEKO reseller.

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