Software Models Large Platforms

The latest version of the XGtd electromagnetic (EM) simulation antenna modeling software from Remcom is designed for performing analysis of far-field radiation patterns, radar cross sections (RCSs), and electromagnetic-interference (EMI) and electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) studies on electrically large platforms. Version 2.5 of the software employs a 64-b engine that speeds processing, and uses an optimized ray engine to increase processing speed for large models. It can synthesize antenna array gain patterns from individual antenna elements. According to Ryan Ohs, the XGtd Product Manager, "Remcom is committed to releasing product upgrades that have a significant impact on performance. Beyond enhancing and adding features, our development team strives for a noticeable difference in workflow efficiency and the time it takes to achieve results. This has been one of Remcom's core values and has become an important criterion for new versions to be released."

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