San-tron Launches 18-GHz Type N Connector

Connector specialist San-tron has launched a line of Type N connectors capable of mode-free performance from DC to 18 GHz. The new 50-Ohm connectors suffer less than 0.2-dB insertion loss from DC to 18 GHz with maximum VSWR of 1.30:1. Traditional Type N connectors are usable to about 12.4 GHz. The new Type N connectors, which are rated for operating voltages to 1000 V RMS and maximum dielectric withstanding voltage of 2500 V RMS, allow users and designers of high-frequency components, systems, and test equipment to extend the performance of their hardware.

According to Fred Hull, San-tron's director of Engineering, "In the past, we've developed some precision bead structures that were ideal for test and measurement applications, but at a premium in price. For these new Type N connectors, we created a unique, balanced internal design that provides the high-frequency performance of precision connectors, but without the demanding requirements for tightly machined tolerances." The new Type N connectors are priced competitively with traditional, lower-frequency Type N connectors.


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