Rogers Shows Materials At DesignCon 2010

Rogers Corporation will feature a strong lineup of electronic materials at the upcoming DesignCon 2010 in Santa Clara, CA (Feb. 2-3, 2010, Santa Clara Convention Center). The materials will include ULTRALAM 3000 laminates, RO2808 laminates, and RO4000 LoPro circuit board materials. ULTRALAM 3000 laminates and bond ply materials exhibit low loss and high reliability for cost-effective, high-volume circuit-board production environments. RO2808 laminates blend consistent dielectric-constant characteristics with the low profile needed for compact circuit designs and are suitable replacements for low-temperature-co-fired-ceramic (LTCC) circuits in low-cost electronic designs. RO4000 LoPro laminates, with their low-profile copper foil with RO4000 dielectric material, are ideal for both high-speed digital and high-frequency analog applications.

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