Rogers Shows Advanced Materials At DMC 2010

Rogers Corporation will be exhibiting at the upcoming Defense Manufacturing Conference 2010 (DMC 2010) in Las Vegas, NV this November 29-December 1, with a collection of its high-performance circuit materials. Materials will include RT/duroid 6202PR and RT/duroid 5880LZ, as well as an unveiling of the new XT/duroid 8000 and 8100 materials. RT/duroid 6202PR laminate features a relative dielectric constant of 3.00 at 10 GHz and low dissipation factor of 0.002 at 10 GHz. RoHS-compliant RT/duroid 5880LZ high frequency laminate materials are engineered for weight-sensitive applications, such as airborne antennas, with a low dielectric constant of 1.96 at 10 GHz. New XT/duroid 8000 laminates are suitable for severe environments, with low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant of +7 ppm/deg. C and dielectric constant of 3.23 at 10 GHz. Compatible with lead-free-solder processes, these reliable laminates have low outgassing characteristics for use in space-based, vacuum environments.

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