RFICs Serve Emerging Wireless Applications

A line of densely packaged RF integrated circuits (RFICs) from Analog Devices targets Long Term Evolution (LTE), third-generation (3G), and fourth-generation (4G) cellular-base-station applications. The ADRF660x and ADRF670x product lines combine phase-lock-loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers with on-board voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), mixers, and other components to provide highly integrated receive and transmit building blocks.

According to Peter Real, Vice President of Linear and RF Products for Analog Devices, "Today's 3G and LTE base stations use many standard discrete RF components to optimize performance across both the transmit and receive RF signal paths. ADI's new ADRF660x and ADRF670x products combine the radio frequency conversion functional blocks into one integrated circuit, without any sacrifice in performance."

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