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Portable VNAs Range To 6 GHz

The MS202xB and MS203xB VNA Master series of handheld vector network analyzers (VNAs) from Anritsu Company bring advanced measurement capability to the field. The analyzers, which operate from 500 kHz to 4 GHz and 6 GHz, respectively, are built to handle mission-critical test applications. The two-port VNAs feature fast display updates of 850 microsecond per point and typical dynamic range of 100 dB. The analyzers deliver 1-Hz frequency resolution and selectable intermediate-frequency (IF) bandwidths from 10 Hz to 100 kHz for flexibility when choosing between precision and speed when performing S-parameter measurements. The VNAs have integrated spectrum-analysis capability over their full frequency ranges for added measurement flexibility. Using the standard preamplifier, the display average noise level (DANL) is -152 dBm with a 10-Hz resolution-bandwidth (RBW) filter. The spectrum analysis dynamic range is better than 95 dB for a 10-Hz RBW. The phase noise at 1 GHz is -100 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz.

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