Laurenson Is Appointed As picoChip's VP Of Engineering
picoChip has named STEVE LAURENSON as its vice president of engineering. Laurenson joins picoChip from Agere Systems, where he served as Agere's Mobile Terminal Division's Technical Services director. He established Agere's European GSM Development Centre.

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Telegenix, Inc.—JOE MILLER to the position of general manager; formerly director of marketing.
Newport Media
—DWIGHT DECKER, PH.D. to the board of directors as an independent member; continues as chairman and CEO of Conexant Systems, Inc.
FSA—DANNY BIRAN to the board of directors; continues as vice president of product and corporate marketing at Altera Corp.
California Eastern Laboratories
—DR. JAIME TENEDORIO to vice president of engineering and chief technology officer; formerly vice president of engineering for Flextronics' Components Group.
Prototron Circuits
—KIM S. O'NEIL to general manager of the Tuscon, AZ facility; formerly engineering manager.
Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc.
—RAJINDER RAI to vice president of research and development; formerly employed at BAE Platform Solutions, IBM Microelectronics, and IBM TJ Watson Research.
Bliley Technologies, Inc.
—JOHN (JACK) A. KUSTERS to consultant for Bliley's spin-off company, EQUATE SpaceTime Technologies, LLC; formerly employed by Hewlett-Packard.
Schaffner EMC
—FRANK GARAFALO to vice president and CFO; formerly controller of Micro Stampings Corp.
Xceive Corp.
—NEIL MITCHELL to vice president of marketing; formerly vice president of TV marketing at Genesis Microchip.
Imago Scientific Instruments
—BILL FLECKY to vice president of sales; formerly employed in senior sales and service management positions at Optical Metrology Innovations Ltd. and Bede X-ray Metrology.
Theta Microelectronics
—DR. ROBIN MILLER to vice president of engineering, based in Athens, Greece with the Theta R&D team; formerly employed at Toumaz Technology.
Harris Corp.
—LEWIS A. "LEW" SCHWARTZ to vice president and principal accounting officer; formerly assistant controller and director of Corporate Accounting.
Raytheon Technical Services Co. LLC—TOM ARNSMEYER to vice president of the Homeland Security Solutions product line under the Integrated Support Solutions business unit; formerly vice president and lead executive for major pursuits in the homeland-security market at Northrup Grumman Corp., where he also served as vice president of the company's Information Technology Security and Infrastructure Solutions operating unit.
International Manufacturing Services, Inc. (IMS)
—DANIEL ZIROLI to director of sales and marketing; formerly employed in senior sales and management capacities at SRC Devices, Inc., Crydom Corp., Douglas Randall, Inc., and Elmwood Sensors, Inc.

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appli-tec—CHARLES A. CLARK, JR. to director of quality and continuous improvement; formerly employed as corporate quality lead auditor for Brooks-PRI Automation.

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